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Does Camping Du Parc is what you need?


We are a family campground, with a quiet atmosphere. By giving you clear information about us, we are confident that you will choose Camping Du Parc because it represents what you need and suits to your camping habits.

Our rules :

  • Arrival: Between 1:30 pm and 9 :00 pm.
  • Departure: Before1:00 pm. If your site is available the day of your departure, you might be allowed to stay on it until 3pm.
  • We allow dogs and cats, and they must be on a leash all the time. Don’t forget your poop bags and pick-up after your pet. Litter for your cat is mandatory. Pets are not allowed on the beach, into the lake and in the public buildings. There is a grassy area under the trees and close to the lake where you can relax with your pet. 
  • Quiet time: Between 11:00 pm and 8:00 am. No noise and driving allowed within the park. Campfire must be extinguished when unattended.
  • Here, those who likes to liter, noise and loud music are not at the right place. Because there are many different kind of music and that yours might not please to your neighbors, use headphones or keep the volume very low in order to not disturb the other campers. If you prefer late night partying and loud music, you are not at the right campground either. If you are that type of campers, we would prefer that you choose another campground which will be more appropriate to your lifestyle. Therefore, you will not be disappointed and we will be able to insure the safe, calm and quiet atmosphere that we want to offer to our clientele. We thank you in advance to choose our campground only if our rules are pleasing you. 
  • All our rules are given to every camper at their arrival.


Thank you for your attention.
Camping Du Parc